Converging Risk


Our Converging Risk policy is designed to address the convergence of media, tech, E&O and privacy-related exposures under one modular policy. Our unique approach to underwriting this coverage allows us to reduce potential coverage gaps in a singular policy form with minimal coverage endorsements necessary. Program eligibility includes risks with annual ratable revenues of up to $1 billion. Coverage is available for traditional media risks such as ad agencies, personal appearance, broadcasters, social media businesses and more. The program offers E&O coverage for a wide variety of tech-related companies as well as hundreds of miscellaneous professional liability classes. Coverage is available for First and Third-Party Privacy and Network Security exposures. First-Party coverage is typically available as a separate, dedicated limit in addition to the overall policy limit.



Backed by the security of an “A” rated carrier



Available in all states



Up to $10 million (Primary or Excess)



Starting at $2,500



Entities with revenue up to $1 billion

Coverage Features

  • Modular policy form offers coverage components to address media, advertising, E&O and/or privacy and network security exposures
  • Preferred “Pay of behalf of,” “Duty to Defend” and “Consent to Settle” policy languages applies to all coverage components
  • Occurrence coverage available for certain media risks/segments
  • Definition of professional services customized for each risk
  • Broad definition of “Data Asset” (“information of any kind maintained by or on behalf of the insured or others in any form”)
  • First-Party Privacy coverage includes:
    • Privacy Notification Costs (including voluntary)
    • Crisis Management Expense
    • Data Restoration
    • Cyber Investigation Costs
    • Cyber Extortion
    • Business Interruption Coverage (including losses caused by Outsourced Providers)
    • Cyber Crime/ Fraudulent Transfer/ Social Engineering Coverage
    • PCI Fines and Penalties
  • Dedicated limits for First-Party privacy losses available (in addition to the policy limit of liability)
  • Full Prior Acts available